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Fino de Aroma - San Martin, Perú

This cacao strain originates from the enchanting Province of Tocache, nestled in the northeastern part of the San Martín region of Perú. This region is known for its scorching tropical climate, interspersed with heavy seasonal rainfall, creating the perfect environment for the cultivation of fine aroma criollo cacao.

Fino de Aroma - San Martin, Perú

SKU: 001
  • The House of Theobroma takes pride in selecting only the most exceptional cacao beans from this vast production area. Each cacao pod embodies the distinct characteristics of the region, resulting in a complex blend that showcases the aromatic and indigenous tropical vibrations of San Martin.


    The aromatic profile of this cacao is a captivating medley that will entice the senses. It features intense notes of simmered red fruits like plums and raspberries, complemented by the vibrant essence of tropical fruits such as pineapples, bananas, and soursops. Delicate floral hints of jasmine add an elegant touch, while the presence of dried fruits like walnuts or pecans adds depth to the flavour.


    A subtle spiciness lingers in the background, creating a unique taste reminiscent of chocolate, with a characteristic tanginess that is exclusive to cacao from this region.

    • Ethically and ecologically sourced from Perú, our ceremonial cacao is made with fairness and sustainability in mind.

    • Theobroma cacao, known as the 'Food of the Gods,' is rich in nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants.

    • With magnesium and theobromine, our cacao supports natural focus and relaxation without any caffeine.

    • Crafted with care and affection, our 100% pure ritual cacao is made with respect and love.

    • Cacao positively influences the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline.

    • Our ceremonial cacao enhances vitality of both body and spirit.

    • 100% unsweetened, vegan, and organic.


    To enjoy a delicious hot drink, use approximately 20g of ceremonial cacao. For a more intense uplifting effect, experience a ceremonial dose by using 50g of cacao. This dose can bring about a mild euphoria and feelings of love. Our ceremonial cacao preserves the nutrients of the beans to maximise these effects.

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